Greatest Prominence Peak in Garfield County, WA

Map here: USGS Diamond Peak and DeLorme Washington Atlas, page 42/D4

Elevation 5139'

Prominence 899'

E/P Ratio: 5139/899 = 5.72

June 19, 2006

Party: John Roper and Sofy, roperwonderdog

'Prominencians Peak'

GPP of Garfield County, WA

Noah's Saddle on right


Short story:

The name “Prominencians Peak” was chosen for this unnamed summit to pay tribute to the concept of prominence and the unique band of folks around the world that wrap a part of their lives around it. The approach is the same as for Diamond Peak (6379'/P779), the Highest Point in Garfield County, WA .  

  1. Drive to Pomeroy ( Garfield County Seat) on HW 12.
  2. Turn south on HW 128 towards the Blue Mountains and drive about 34 miles south, first via a paved road which becomes FS Road 40 (pavement ends at Umatilla National Forest boundary, but road continues wide and smooth) and on to its highest point at the very headwaters of the Tucannon River.
  3. Turn right (west) here on FR 4030, continuing to this "Misery Peak" TH in about 4.5 miles.
  4. Hike the trail west under the north slope of Diamond Peak for about 0.6 mi to the 6200- saddle just north of Diamond Spring.
  5. Take a SSW-fork trail here signed “Crooked Ck” and “Wenaha Riv” on separate signs.
  6. Drop 2000 feet! on this trail switching back and forth along or near the crest between Second Creek and Melton Creeks until a switchback at ~4200' allows x-c access to the 4240- Noah's Saddle for this summit, NE of the peak.
  7. Follow the NE Ridge up the entire 899+ feet of prominence through open woods, scrub, and patchy meadows to Prominencians Peak, the 5139-foot Garfield County GPP.

 A small amount of old surveyors wood and wire was weathering and rusting on top, but whether they helicoptered into this summit or climbed it legitimately is unknown.


This unusual descending climb completes for me the list of the Greatest Prominence Points in the 39 Counties of Washington (hopefully).


A long-winded personal story is available on request, and may later appear here.

Sofy, off route